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Saturdays Alone Are For Memories
This is an excerpt from a story that a friend and I created a long time ago about our futures. It made me smile.

"Charles is an actor on Broadway. He also writes and produces AND directs. When he wants to. But not otherwise. So don't ask him. Katie lives in the mountains... right next to the beach!!! (She made her own mountains... or did she make her own beach?) Emma lives a few miles away from Katie, writes, is also an engineer, and works at the same place as Kiki. They are all still pretty good friends."

I miss you guys. Seriously. We should all get together and do something crazy again, like we used to. Play Plinko in the mall, go ghost-hunting and doze off in the middle of the road, wander around Hawthorne and get Charles to make little girls scream by simply dressing in drag. Remember those good old times? Let's do it again.



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