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Welcome to The Carnival of Misfits.

Where the crazies come out and play.

Saturdays Alone Are For Memories
This is an excerpt from a story that a friend and I created a long time ago about our futures. It made me smile.

"Charles is an actor on Broadway. He also writes and produces AND directs. When he wants to. But not otherwise. So don't ask him. Katie lives in the mountains... right next to the beach!!! (She made her own mountains... or did she make her own beach?) Emma lives a few miles away from Katie, writes, is also an engineer, and works at the same place as Kiki. They are all still pretty good friends."

I miss you guys. Seriously. We should all get together and do something crazy again, like we used to. Play Plinko in the mall, go ghost-hunting and doze off in the middle of the road, wander around Hawthorne and get Charles to make little girls scream by simply dressing in drag. Remember those good old times? Let's do it again.


(no subject)
Doctor Rose How Long
Reply to this post and I will tell you just how much I love and adore you, and why!
If you want, pass this on in your own journal!

Writer's Block: Baby, you can drive my car
Do you have a "dream car"? If you had money to spare, would you buy a new car? If so, would you be more likely to get an eco-friendly vehicle, a vintage model, or a luxury sportscar?

If I had money to spare, I'd be buying a couple of cars, and a motorcycle.

Although if I had to get one it would be a Pontiac G6 Convertible with leather interior. I probably never will get this car becuase Pontiac went out of business, and if I somehow got this car, fixing it up would be a bitch.

And before Pontiac went out of business, this kind of car cost about as much as 3 Mustangs.


New Year's!
Doctor Tennant

(no subject)
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions so please read:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
- What I create will be just for YOU & you are allowed to make requests (and I will try to honor them).
- It will be done before 2011.
- It might be cookies, a mix cd, a necklace, an original haiku, a scarf, who knows!
- You'll need to PM me your mailing address if you're one of the first 5.

In return, all you need to do is repost this on your LJ (or on here if you'd like - or even both if you're ambitious!) and offer to make 5 things for 5 other people.

Thanks Guys
Doctor Rose How Long
So I'm going to try this again, at the appropriate time of year this time. The descriptions are shorter, the names aren't in any particular order, and some are encoded.

Health & Science: Thanks for being a pussy school. I now have good grades.

BHS: Thanks for missing me. I feel special now.

Rachel/Troy: Thanks for opening my mind to my own flaws and quirks, and for letting me listen and moan at you about the throes of love.

Emma: Thanks for wrestling with me, helping me adjust, and not molesting the British children. Oh, and letting me force you into wearing that dress, among over things while we were playing dress-up.

Charles: Thanks for being one of the few who I can believe would give me an honest opinion.

Katie: Thanks for being spazzy, having coffee with me at AVA, and for not letting me completely forget the Japanese language.

Logan: Thanks for being soft and sleeping with me.

Mom: Thanks for giving me another chance, and for believing me and accepting when I do something crazy, and for learning.

Dad: Thanks for making me lunches, and driving me places, and in general doing more than just what dads are required to do.

Dezzi: Thanks for introducing me to so many different amazing things, for the clothes, for understanding what I need when I get upset, for singing Push and for being the best sister and one of my best friends.

Nichole: Thanks for letting me vent my sewing skills onto you, making crazy stories and jokes, and pushing me into theatre.

Connie: Thanks for letting me help, and for being adorable, and always acting super excited over little things.

Phillip: Thanks for keeping my times and dates straight and reminding me when my essays are due.

Philip: Thanks for watching firefly with me, being a bro, and being funny.

Jessica: Thanks for inspiring me, and making me feel significant by sharing the tiniest forgotten memory.

Jeannot: Thanks for remembering my last name and snorting shampoo.

Panda: Thanks for coming back and for reading the letters and not getting mad that I often forget to send them.

Andrew: Thanks for assuring me I'm not crazy and for helping me realize what a good therapist is.

Anthony V: Thanks for hanging and embarrassing me with your opinions.

Anthony A: Thanks for the compliment and for friending me.

Eli: Thanks for understanding correctly and being there for me. Thanks for the hat, the good times, and for making a facebook.

Kristi: Thanks for not hating me.

Cassie: Thanks for letting me rant to you about random stuff, for getting Max off my back, for following my example in good ways and not following it in some very bad ones, for being British and for making writing class that much better.

Max: Thanks for being a sweet boyfriend to her.

Ashleigh: Thanks for being someone I can see every week and who gets excited over making the best stack of plastic cups at OMSI.

Megan K: Thanks for talking to me and doing my makeup.

Jonny Boy: Thanks for being fun to hang around, outrageous, and enough of a jackass so I won't ask you out.

Willy: Thanks for being unemotional but funny like Caputo, and for being impressed.

Tim: Thanks for being insane, hating me, and always getting into fights. Also for talking about trumpets.

Sadie: Thanks for having great sleepovers, walking in the rain, and letting me mess with your guitars.

D'say: Thanks for being fun, and giving me a different look on things.

Victoria: Thanks for the persimmons.

Rimsky's Korsacoffee/Emma and Katie's Room/Pizza Schmizza/DAVA beads/IKEA: Thanks for giving me ideas for my new room.

Office Depot: Thanks for the multi-colored ballpoints.

Jamie: Thanks for being cool.

Peaches N' Cream: Thank you for being delicious.

Teresa: Thanks for buying pizza and cookie dough and being really fun when I come round.

The Beatles: Thanks for the music.

Myky: Thanks for the parasol, the randomness, and for being a good freshman.

Guy: Thanks for confiding, living, and keeping me from being lonely in math class.

ulurujesus: Thanks for the good times, and for taking a risk.

Sara Barielles: Thanks for writing 'Fairytales'.

Cole: Thanks for sitting at the Kiddie Table with me and not making me feel fat this year.

Patrick: Thanks for the music, for teaching me A Minor, and guitar hero.

Kevin: Thanks for not ignoring me, not questioning when I drank, and being awesome.

Aunt Lissa: Thanks for being sweet, and making me feel welcome.

Uncle Kelly: Thanks for making jokes that half the time I'm not sure if you're joking or not.

Babe: Thanks for missing me, and forgiving me, and for being the same old spazz.

Lolly: Thanks for taking an interest, and being entertaining.

Joe: Thanks for the Irish accent.

Lara: Thanks for being adorable.

There's probably more, but I'm way too sleepy and am going to stop now before I thank the whole world. Actually...

Thanks, world. You know why.

(no subject)
I'm just crazy, Don't mind me
So ghost-hunting trip at BHS.

Whose in?

meme thingamajig
First of all, I hope you all had a good Halloween.

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Charles gave me 'M'.

Mother Mother

Money to be Made

March To Cambreadth

Mama Do


Writer's Block: Come here often?
Doctor Tennant
What's the best pick-up line you ever heard (or tried)? What's the worst? If you're instantly attracted to someone, will a stupid pick-up line dampen your interest?

My friend made up the following one and told me, and I just cracked up.

"I want to give you a dozen roses so when you look in the mirror you'll see the thirteen most beautiful things in the world."

He actually used it on me. Pick up lines are great if they're good, but I never know how to respond. If they're dorky but heartfelt it just makes it sweet and funny. I know how to respond to those: with laughter or a well-placed "Awwwww."

Writer's Block: The one that got away
Doctor Rose How Long
Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

I think there's someone out there who can feel like a soulmate, but there's not only one person for everyone. There is no "the one." That's because there's more than one. We care for people, we love them but they move in and out of our lives. If there's only one person out there for everyone, the chances of meeting them, of eve being on the same continent as them are practically impossible. We fall in love, we get married, but we weren't necessarily "destined" to meet them. If chance hadn't had us meet them, we would've found someone else we could fall in love with and marry and be just as happy with. So "the one" can't get away, because we'll always meet another. If we really love them, it'll work out.