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my best mate, Emma
My sister is amazing and made this icon for me after I posted the thing about how I've known Emma longest. She apparently thinks I'm cute/wanted an excuse to mess around with Photoshop some more.


For you, Katie

This made me really happy.

An interesting idea...
Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?

This is kind've funny because I was talking about this to my oldest friend just the other bus ride.

The oldest friend I've had that I'm still friends with is Emma. We met in sixth grade, when I thought she was a druggie. We were okay friends then, got closer in seventh grade, and then eighth grade was such hell it didn't even count.

Sadly we went to different high schools and she refused to give in when I begged her to transfer to the school her sister (and I) was going to. We still saw each other about everyday, but we hardly hung out and didn't really talk. I still thought she was a close friend though, but at the time, Tori was the closest friend I had.

Then I wasn't allowed to see Tori. Emma was there for me. She listened, and she had proven in the past to be someone I could talk to, and she wasn't going to judge me on my stupid decisions. Plus, she gave awesome advice.

Now we go to the same school because I was the one who transferred. There are a lot of awesome people here and they're all really nice, but Emma still remains the one who I've known the longest and, nowadays, my closest friend. Sure, I've got other friends who I'm REALLY close to, but I think Emma tops the bill because of our past, and our personalities, and I honestly don't think I've ever been seriously mad at her. We haven't had ups and downs. We've been close friends, then weren't and then got really close, but we've never had a serious fight where I wonder if we should be friends still. I've always loved her. :)

I <3 you.

As for a trend, my best friends usually change after two years or so. Sometimes I really hope they don't, but life happens. The best I can hope for is that I'll still know and love and be friends with these people when I'm an old maid.

Icons made by the master of awesome

My sister made this awesome icon


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Shitty day.

So Dezzi and I planned to have a really nice Starbucks breakfast this morning and she was going to drive em to school and it was going to be really fun. That got canceled because OUR KITCHEN IS FLOODED, as well as the foundation around the house. Turns out some filter or something burst and broke a seal and started leaking. So mom and dad started fighting with Sarah and THAT WAS FUN. I was almost late because mom wouldn't stop yelling. I got my Starbucks breakfast, simply because we couldn't get into the kitchen to make breakfast. So then school happened, which was dull. Then therapy, which made me sleepy and bored as fuck. THEN I had to go back to school for Back To School night after a quickie dinner at Pizza Schmizza. Mom got a call on the way to find out that our electricity went out AS WELL as our kitchen being flooded and the plumber guys had to cut apart our carpet because it was ruined. Now we have this big patch with psychedelic 70s linoleum and these giant as fuck hair blowers that are drying out everything. We've got four of them blowing. I just got home and mom and dad are laying into each other again with the insults.


Alice In Wonderland Assembly
I&#39;m just crazy, Don&#39;t mind me
I am seriously considering skipping half a day on friday so I can crash BHS's homecoming assembly.


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firefly not gonna be okay
My world just ended.

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My sister is amazing. Oh, and school started.
I&#39;m just crazy, Don&#39;t mind me
So we were doing a meme and these are the results.
She didn't describe the situation because she's a lazy bitch. So you can use your imagination.Collapse )

First Day of SchoolCollapse )

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cake solves everything
It occurred to me I haven't posted in fucking forever, so here's the update on my life.

I kind've hate it right now.

But, to cheer myself up, here are the things that went well today.

•Even though it was my last day as a Mentor at OMSI, I had a great time screwing around with the kids and being generally a bad volunteer.
•Making dinner tonight was a total SUCCESS. The Chicken Cacciatore was delicious, and so was the cake, even if the icing was kind of lame and soupy.
•The day went by without anything seriously bad going on.
•I took apart a sewing machine from the 40s. I got covered in grease and it was awesome.
•I met the most adorable little girl today. Ad her dad thanked me for including her in the demo. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.
•I have my phone back.
•my skin has stopped peeling temporarily.
•I made $169.50 today from the garage sale.
•Scott still owes me $120-something.
•Band camp is over and there's still time to hang out before school starts.

That is all. Call me if you wish to hang out.


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